CWE0001: Waggamaephs (3)
CWE0002: Suicide Warrior
CWE0003: Almar Sharpent Regulator
CWE0004: Ranger with Warclub
CWE0005: Tau, Nubian Wrestler
CWE0006: Garthage Droll, Arcane Seed
CWE0007: Kestensia, Water Wizard
CWE0008: Toshiro, Samurai at Rest
CWE0009: Makaio, Warrior with Shark Tooth Club
CWE0010: Beatrice, Torturer
CWE0011: Subira, Zebra Centaur
CWE0012: Angelís Advocate
CWE0013: Adisa, Herbal Healer
CWE0014: Pae Waka, Maori Warrior with Taiaha
CWE0015: Centaur with Coup Stick
CWE0016: Breeman, Found Object Fighter
CWE0017: Old Magi of the Sea
CWE0018: Dire Mole
CWE0019: Hackla Maime, Orc Maiden
CWE0020: Island Gobbo with Lunch
CWE0021: Feejee Mermaid
CWE0022: Hang Ten Tiki Familiar
CWE0023: Yui Qin, Monk with Pole Arm
CWE0024: Colletta Mawr
CWE0025: Furgis Dunphy, Herald
CWE0027: Tall Tale Critters (3)
CWE0028: Giant Archer Fish
CWE0029: Waggamaeph II (3)
CWE0030: Hula Dancer
CWE0031: Leopardskin Chief
CWE0032: Anticipating a Long Night
CWE0033: Tall Tale Critters II (3)
CWE0034: Jersey Devil
CWE0035: Cassimona
CWE0036: Waggamaeph Dinner Party (3)
CWE0037: Scaped Goat and Bog Mummy (2)
CWE0038: Indian with No Name
CWE0039: Xiaoli, Fighting Monk
CWE0040: Jihad, Fiendish Celestial
CWE0041: Contrary
CWE0043: Leith Brogan, Leprechaun *****NEW RELEASE*****
CWE0044: Moreen Enchantress *****NEW RELEASE*****
CWE0045: Little Owl, Indian Maiden *****NEW RELEASE*****
CWE0046: Esmeralda, Sword Maiden*****NEW RELEASE*****
CWE0049: Minka Rue *****NEW RELEASE*****
CWELE01: Christmas Maeph



IHL0001: Magic Flask
IHL0002: Paint Aid
IHL0003: Get Well
IHS0001: Wish You Were Here
IHS0002: Blunder
IHS0003: Invite
IHS0004: Gremlin
IHS0005: Witch
KGM0001: Instant RPG
KGM0002: Meta-Game
KGM0003: Country Road
KGM0004: Critical Hit
KGM0005: Critical Fumble
KGM0006: Random Encounter
KGM0007: Turning Undead OGL
KGM0009: Gremlin
KGM0010: Consequences