Phoenix ConGames!

We are going to away from the shop for the next few days at Phoenix ConGames! over the weekend. As a result we will be a little behind getting to your emails and orders. If you're in Phoenix this weekend make sure to stop by and say "hi."


Okay, weíve been rather quiet for a bit here at Crunch-Waffle, at least on the surface, but we have been very busy behind the scenes. So we actually have a few news announcements to make all at once. Here goes:


We have redesigned the Web site! Okay, so most of you probably noticed that already, but seriously, we do hope you like it. We simplified things a bit, and made some changes in the functionality of the system. You wonít notice the latter, most likely, but this web site is a great deal easier to update than the last one. So, we wonít be so stingy with news announcements from now on.


Yes, we have released new minis. We have 5 in this batch; a Leprechaun, A Sword maiden, an Indian Maiden, an Enchantress, and a Dwarven Waitress complete with a mug of ale, just for you. Check them out in the products page. We hope you like them.


Kitchen Geeketry: We had an idea awhile back to try and get game rules up off the game table and onto a vertical surface (more room for the minis). Thus Kitchen Geeketry was born. This is a line of Game-Themed Refrigerator Magnets. We started with a few simple themes and added a few for the sake of amusement and one color wheel for the miniature painters out there. We are just beginning to explore this idea, so we are open to suggestions.

Ink Well Heraldry: Speaking of Gaming Novelties, we thought it would be amusing to send a Postcard from the Orc Wastelands, or to invite players to a campaign in style. Thus Ink Well Heraldry was born. This line of Game-Themed Post Cards will give your friends a chuckle, and remind everyone what life was like before e-mail.

Those are the new product lines at Crunch-Waffle. We hope you like them.


Okay, we had to do it, so letís get the bad news out of the way. Given the increases in metal price over the last year, our costs have gone up. Reluctantly, we have raised our prices to compensate for this. A standard human type mini will now cost $5.00, and larger packs have been adjusted accordingly.


For the last year we have devoted all of our development efforts to our own game system. We have been testing and tweaking our Skirmish Game, ETC, now for some time. As a result we now have a Skirmish Game in final editing, and a dead tree copy on the horizon. Look for for a paper copy of ETC, the Skirmish Game this coming April.

In addition, we have developed the beginnings of a Role Playing Game using this same system. Anyone interested in helping us fine tune a new RPG system, please write to Dan Wall


We let this contest slide into obscurity over the last year, and itís well past time we caught up to speed here. So, we have two things to announce on the Sleepless Painting Contest.

First, the Winner of the last round of The Sleepless Painting Contest is Zordana. For her rendition of the ďAngelís Advocate,Ē Zordana will be getting $150.00 credit in our online store. All other contestants in the last round of the Sleepless Painting Contest are hereby awarded an Honorary Prize of $40.00 in our Online Store.

Second, our previous contests were a little ambitious for a company of our size, and we are going to amend that a bit here. The Sleepless Painting Contest is hereby amended as follows:

From this point foreword, the Sleepless Painting Contest will be an annual affair, and we are going to keep it pretty simple from now on. Every January 1st, we will pick one miniature from among those submitted to our web site during the previous year. The winner will receive $200.00 worth of credit in our online store. We reserve the option of sweetening the prize in whatever fashion we like at any time during the course of the contest. Honorary prizes may be awarded at our discretion. As before, no member of Crunch-Waffle is eligible to win the Sleepless Painting Contest, nor are painters and sculptors working on products for which we have paid commissions.